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Viva Australis - SICK SAD PSYCHO

Viva Australis - SICK SAD PSYCHO

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Viva Australis - YO DECIDO ft. Eli M. Nefeli

Viva Australis - YO DECIDO ft. Eli M. Nefeli

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Viva Australis - Teaser

Viva Australis - Teaser

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Bad Liar - Viva Australis

Bad Liar - Viva Australis

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Native of the land of earthquakes, Viva Australis knows about intensity.

This Chilean singer and songwriter with a powerful voice paints her electro-pop songs with different colors . . . sometimes funk, sometimes rock, and others simply with poetry and sounds of Nature.

Throughout her journey you will find surprises at every step, in every song . . . tropical birds, meaningful lyrics, dancing rhythms and even whales transposed in an electronic atmosphere.

Accompanied by Emilie Bey's textured synthesizers and Carlos Puga on drums, Viva Australis takes us to discover the many facets of pop, while sharing her vision of life.


The Team


Emilie Bey has explored the saxophone, the piano and the drums for many years since age 8. This jazz lover multi-instrumentalist now pursues classic piano studies in Ecole Nationale de Musique de Villeurbanne, and dedicates herself to discover the syntethizers horizons and possibilites in the service of different musical projects.

This highly trained drummer and perucssionist accomplished his studies in Escuela Superior de Música y Artes del Spectro de Porto and at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Lyon , where he obtained his masters degree in chamber music. Carlos Puga has gathered a lot of experience in live music, always allowing himself to explore the possibilities of musical langage.

Carlos Puga
Drums, pads, percussions

Emilie Bey
piano, synthezisers, choirs


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Concert dates

03/06/17 – Bar Galería Aura, Concepción, Chile

11/06/18 - Inacap, Talcahuano, Chile

20/06/18 - Charla - Concierto, Inacap, Talcahuano, Chile

05/08/18 – Biblioteca Viva, Concepción, Chile

25/08/18 – “Tiempo Circular” release – Concepción, Chile

04/09/18 – Malabar, Concepción, Chile

08/06/19 – Barkipass, Sainte Catherine (69184), France
21/06/19 – Fête de la Musique chez Pick&Bock, Lyon (69005), France
06/07/19 – Festival Rock’sillon, Roussillon (38344), France
13/07/19 – “Live sous les Arcades”, Ucel (07200), France
13/09/19 – Jazz Club St. Georges, Lyon (69005), France
23/11/19 – Saint Génis les Ollières (69290), France
08/11/19 – L’Aincontournable, Blyes (01150), France
08/02/20 – Café de la Poste, Aspiran (34800), France
21/03/20 – Concert du printemps (livestream), Saint Martin la Plaine (42800), France
19/12/20 – Seewald International Auditorium (livestream), Bron (69500), France

09/03/22 - Bieristan, Villeurbanne (69100), France

15/05/22 - Agend’arts, Festival Chanson, Lyon (69001), France

04/06/22 - Le Farmer, Lyon (69001), France

15/06/22 - A Thou Bout d’Chant, Lyon (69001), France

16/09/22 - Ô Totem Live, Rillieux-la-Pape (69286), France

30/09/22 - Nutopia Bar, Lyon 2 (69002), France

09/10/22 - Live à la Radio Canut, Lyon (69001), France
13/10/22 - Melville, Lyon 5 (69005), France

xx/01/23 - Le Filantrope, Villeurbanne (69100), France


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