VIVA (Viva Australis) is a Chilean singer-songwriter. Her music, in a pop rock style, is characterized by a strong anglo influence and lyrics about different themes from her vision of human society and our relationship with the environment to simple love songs.


VIVA studied vocal technique and harmony in piano with the soprano singer Sherezade Perdomo, lyrical singing during College and she composed her first songs being self-taught in the guitar in 2008.


In 2018 she releases her first EP entitled "Tiempo Circular" and the video clip of the song "Tiempo Circular". The EP contains 4 songs of different styles whose main theme is VIVA's vision about the present of society.


VIVA currently studies singing and music in France and she performs in a Duo format accompanied by the multi-instrumentalist musician Adrien Bernard. 


25/08/18 - Releasing of the EP "Tiempo Circular"
29/09/17 -"Reaching New Heights in Astronomy" Concert and Rehearsals with Apex Band 11
11/06/17 - "Sesiones Invernales" Behind the scenes
03/06/17 - VIVA's Debut in Bar Galería Aura
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